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Tune Book

Check out the lead sheets of some of my original jazz compositions below, as played at Berklee College of Music and the Thelonious Monk Institute and beyond.

Drag the image to your desktop to download FREE of charge.

See the Audio page to hear recordings of many of these songs. 

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All songs and arrangements copyright by Hal Crook 2016


Never Again

Deaf Specks

What's The Use

Smoke And Mirrors


Why Do I Do This

Make Square Burn

Ga Dank

There Is No You
Without Your Thoughts

Soul Mates


A State of Mind

One True Thing



Whatever Life Brings

No Others

Everything Comes And Goes

But I'm A Lady



Everybody Dies

El Tessoro

Sweet Nothings

Edna's Eyes




Separate Ways

Yeah I Know p1

Yeah I Know p2



6 Levels of Hal's
Intergalactic institute

9 8 7 6 5

Trust Your Ears




2 And 4

Heart Beat p1

Heart Beat p2



P.J.'s Lament

About Time

Secret Asian Man

People Think Too Much



Ko Jon-es

Thinkers Anonymous


Rise Above It





On The Fenway

What Is Going On

Up Or Down



Thought Watcher


Muy Latinistic

The Sacred Feminine p1




The Sacred Feminine p2

Nemesis p1

Nemesis p2




Mother Lode






Nothing To Lose

Set Me Free

Wort Hog

Some Old Lady


All songs and arrangements copyright by Hal Crook 2016