Words and Music by Hal Crook © 2013 

[1]When I look out there from behind these eyes 
It comes as no big surprise 
That we are connected by the power of 
Transcendental love 
In some wild disguise 

All of us humans have to realize 
That life is the greatest prize 
And whether we’re here or there we’re all the same 
Nothing but a name 
Separates our lives 

Time to stop feeling like we’re paralyzed 
Stop dwelling on crazy lies 
And look in our hearts for some humility 
Let it set us free 
So the world survives 

[2]When I look out there from behind these eyes 
We seem to be hypnotized 
Asleep to the underlying fact of life 
There’s no black or white 
Nothing lives or dies 

Any old path we choose will take us there 
‘Cause there is the same as here 
The past and the future don’t exist somehow 
‘Cause it’s always now 
There’s no time, no “where” 

Hard to know whether we should laugh or cry 
Our minds are so mesmerized 
The deeper we go the less there is to know  
Till without our selves 
We find paradise

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