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UPDATES (3/1/15):

My most recent book is now available. See "BEYOND TIME AND CHANGES: A Musician's Guide To Free Jazz Improvisation" published by Advance Music on the Books page.

Check out these titles, also from Advance Music (see Books page):

"How To Improvise"
An Approach to Practicing Improvisation.

"Ready, Aim, Improvise!"
Exploring the Basics of Jazz Improvisation.

"How To Comp"
A Study in Jazz Accompaniment.

"Creative Comping For Improvisation, Vol. 1, 2, and 3"

"The Music of Hal Crook"
35 Jazz Originals with Demo CD

Don't forget the accompaniment!
Hal Crook Play-Alongs.

Free of charge!

Now scheduling private and group lessons for the spring (2015). Please see the Lessons page. Those interested can email me at halcrook1@cox.net.

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